Over twenty years of experience

Linda Dodson began her tenure in the Court Clerk’s office in October of 1989 as a file clerk in the felony department. She has also worked in the cashier cage, the civil appeals, certified mail, the VPO desk, and managed the jury assembly room for 10 years.

A heart for service

In addition to her daily tasks, Linda has rallied teams from the Court Clerk’s office to participate in WalkAmerica, and the results of those sponsored teams are evidenced by the display of plaques in the front office, representing many miles walking, and several thousand dollars raised for the March of Dimes.

Linda is a graduate of Oklahoma State University, with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Administration. Her first job out of college was to manage a ski lodge in Aspen, CO, under the co-ownership of Bruce and Sherril Kerr and Ray and Suzanne Vaughn.

Lifelong Oklahoma County resident

Linda has been a member of the Mayfair Church of Christ since she was a babe in the nursery there, sang with the award-winning Northwest Classen Cry-Slurs in highschool, and has been an active member of the Boy Scouts of America since 1999. Linda has two grown sons, John Dodson and Adam Dodson both of whom are Eagle Scouts.

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Linda is one of five children born to Judge John M. and Jean Amick.